Streaming Live, Kick-@$$ Concerts: Influencer Marketing Campaign Of The Week

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What better way to capture a one-in-a-lifetime event than with a spectacular camera? That’s Nikon’s philosophy, and it was front-and-center during its 2013 SXSW influencer campaign.

Working with MWW, and through a partnership with Warner Music Group, Nikon sponsored the WMG SWSW Music Residency. And thanks to that partnership, Nikon HD-SLR cameras were used to capture live performances during the three-day festival.

But this wasn’t simply a matter of filming some great musical performances: Nikon wanted to reach out to photography buffs attending SXSW and tap into their social networks. So, they gave fans Wi-Fi enabled cameras that could instantly share their photos and videos to Facebook, encouraging them to give their friends and family a live glimpse into the exciting event.

Nikon also partnered with select music artists, giving them a camera to share their experience leading up to the show to engage and excite fans – both those attending SXSW and those following the buzz online.

Musicians like Icona Pop, Rockie Fresh and Charli XCX either filmed some of their experiences at the festival, or took to Twitter under the Nikon banner to answer fans’ Q&As.

And just to give you an idea of how big the buzz around this campaign got, the hashtag used to connect all of this influencer-uploaded photo and video content, #NikonWarnerSound, became one of the top trending topics on Twitter all three nights of the festival.

Nikon bet that most attendees at shows like SXSW are influential in their own right, as technology and music trendsetters – a bet that they won, hands down. More than half a million people tuned in online to watch the filmed performances, and the sentiment online was extremely positive toward the Nikon brand. Plus, the average viewing time for the videos was 11 minutes – five times greater than the industry average of two minutes. And all-in-all, the campaign generated over 46 million media impressions and over 166 million social impressions.

The consumer influencers, along with Warner Music artists, successfully spread the word about the high quality of the new Nikon cameras, as well as their new Wi-Fi feature.

For a little fun, you can check out the video of Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX live below:

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