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How Zignal Labs is Helping the Kings Reinvent the NBA

This post will cover an exciting innovation in sports marketing, I promise. But to get there, we have to start with the political career of Josh Ginsberg. Josh managed a grassroots organization in more than 30 states as National Field Director for Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential campaign, the third presidential election he worked on. He […]

1,000 wins, Brady’s Balls & Tweets of the Week

Coach K reaches the 1k milestone. Bill Belichick goes full Bill Nye, until Bill Nye says he’s full of it. Tom Brady talks about his balls, a lot. Plus, if a Pro Bowl falls in the woods and nobody hears it… RaynForest’s Sports Tweets of the Week The NFL doesn’t overly care about the Women […]

How to get Your Product Reviewed, Part II

So you’ve identified a group of influencers who might review your product, and with that review, provide a persuasive endorsement to your future customers. By the way, if you haven’t done that yet, check out Part 1 of this post on how to find influencers for your product. Now, how do you persuade them to […]

Whack Pack, Deflated Balls and White Shoes – Tweets of the Week

Packers v. Patriots in the … uh, wait. Nope, sorry about that. Game goes 60 minutes. In that case, here are the best sports tweets of the week. Born in 1980's: Albert Pujols & Taylor Swift. Was that decade 19 years long? — Batting Stance Guy (@BattingStanceG) January 16, 2015 Wilson is one turnover away […]

Skateboarder Greg Lutzka is a Badass!

Check out this photo of Greg riding a skateboard on a motorcycle from his Instagram page. He is wearing a Blast Motion wearable motion capture device to get metrics on the full range of his amazingness. Two things right here that I truly enjoy daily in life !! Skateboarding & Riding Harley’s !! @HarleyDavidson #Skateboarding […]