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What an Influencer Better Learn from a Little League Scandal

What have we learned from the latest Little League scandal, other than that they seem to have one of these every decade? In 1992, the Zamboanga, Philippines team used several players who lived outside its district or were overage. In 2001, a team fro... Continue >

A Peak Behind the Scenes at Super Bowl Week

I caught up with Steve Schwartz, the sports marketing agent we talked with late last year. Steve, who represents four Seattle Seahawks, was coming off a crazy Super Bowl week and aftermath. “It would have been a lot crazier if we had won,” he sai... Continue >

How Zignal Labs is Helping the Kings Reinvent the NBA

This post will cover an exciting innovation in sports marketing, I promise. But to get there, we have to start with the political career of Josh Ginsberg. Josh managed a grassroots organization in more than 30 states as National Field Director for Mi... Continue >

How to get Your Product Reviewed, Part II

So you’ve identified a group of influencers who might review your product, and with that review, provide a persuasive endorsement to your future customers. By the way, if you haven’t done that yet, check out Part 1 of this post on how to find inf... Continue >

5 Steps to Ensure Your Product Gets Reviewed

So you’ve come up with a great product. Now comes the harder part: convincing your potential customers to try it. One of the most cost effective ways to introduce new products is to get influencers to use it and tell their followers what they think... Continue >

How Sports Marketing Partners Helps Athletes Become More Social

Steve Schwartz had learned the business of broadcasting and sports marketing inside and out during his career. Steve had held multiple sports-related sales and marketing positions in more than a decade with DISH Network, DirecTV and Fox Cable Network... Continue >

Five Big Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Here’s the truth: Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Many businesses decide, “We need to get on social media,” tweet out a few promotions,  sit back and wait for the revenue to fall in. And when it doesnR... Continue >

Developing an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Influencer marketing, especially featuring sports influencers, is gaining more and more attention. In a global study by Augure late last year, 70% of the companies surveyed said they expect to maintain or increase their spending on influencer campaig... Continue >

Introducing Skulpt: Measure Your Muscle Quality

Influencer campaigns can be an effective way to introduce a new product, or a great way to introduce an existing product to a new market. Here’s the story of one such product that’s about a month away from making such a leap. For more than a deca... Continue >

Influencer Marketing: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Promoting Your Brand with Influencers

Think about your absolutely favorite method of getting new customers. Got it? Good. Now what do you think is your customers’ favorite method of discovering cool new products? Fortunately, we don’t need to guess. The big survey and measurement co... Continue >