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World Cup Sponsors: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Who begins to count, begins to err. In a world of exploding new media, the problem isn’t just how to count correctly, but what to count. A couple of examples from the sports world: Engagor,  which monitors and analyzes social media sites, reported... Continue >

RANKED: Who has the Best Fans in Men’s College Basketball?

Which college has the best men’s basketball fans? That’s been a topic of more than a few bar-room debates, but the Emory Sports Marketing Analytics website thinks it has calculated the right answer. It’s the University of Louisville. Continue >

New Survey: What are the Most Influential Athletes Concerned About?

What are influential athletes most concerned about? Finding the right brands to support, demonstrating value, and building long-term relationships with their sponsors. Continue >

Ambush Marketing Laws Squeeze Out the Little Guy

In our last post, I introduced you to Stephen McKelvey, an associate professor in the Department of Sport Management at the University of Massachusetts. Professor McKelvey has been studying the legal and economic aspects of ambush marketing, in which... Continue >

Ambush Marketing on Display at World Cup

Quick current events marketing quiz: Which of the following companies are official sponsors of this year’s FIFA World Cup? A) 5 Hour Energy (“A Champion Achieves”) B) Degree antiperspirant (Clint Dempsey ad) C) Nike (Risk Everything animated so... Continue >