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Coaching by Metrics

Jeff Booher has completed more than 60 triathlons and spent a little time as a decathlete at Texas A&M University – a typical background for an endurance-athlete coach. But then, he also became a Russian linguist in the U.S. Army’s military i... Continue >

Five Big Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Here’s the truth: Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Many businesses decide, “We need to get on social media,” tweet out a few promotions,  sit back and wait for the revenue to fall in. And when it doesnR... Continue >

Developing an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Influencer marketing, especially featuring sports influencers, is gaining more and more attention. In a global study by Augure late last year, 70% of the companies surveyed said they expect to maintain or increase their spending on influencer campaig... Continue >

Introducing Skulpt: Measure Your Muscle Quality

Influencer campaigns can be an effective way to introduce a new product, or a great way to introduce an existing product to a new market. Here’s the story of one such product that’s about a month away from making such a leap. For more than a deca... Continue >

#RunChat: How to Build a Twitter Community

In the spring of 2010, David Hylton was taking part in FitBlog, an example of an emerging feature known as Twitter chats. David, who lives near Richmond, Va., had been blogging about running and had exchanged comments with another running blogger fro... Continue >

Which is Harder: Racing in a Triathlon or Filming It?

Despite the growing popularity of triathlons, and the inherent drama in the extreme endurance sport, the sport has had only a brief moment in the sun in the film industry. What it Takes, a film from 2006, stands as one of the few full-length document... Continue >

How a Few DJs and Surfers helped SOL Republic Create a Global Brand in 3 Years

Just three years after its founding in 2011 SOL Republic sells its headphones and accessories in 20,000 and 56 countries. The company, whose co-founders cut their teeth at the company that developed industry leader Beats by Dr. Dre, is a walking demo... Continue >

Which NCAA Team Gave Fans the Biggest Bang for Their Buck? (infographic)

With a few exceptions, attendance for the largest NCAA Division I men’s basketball programs is pretty stable. The schools with the highest per-game attendance for the 2013-14 season were generally the same schools who have been leading in attendanc... Continue >

Why Raynforest is Going to Change the Game in the Sports Marketing World

I’ve seen first hand how powerful influential people and their networks can work together to deliver breakthrough awareness for the right prospective customers and drive sustainable growth. And so we decided to codify that into a platform called Ra... Continue >

The Real Cost of a Triathlon – and 7 Ways to pay for It

When you decide to run a triathlon, you’re not just dedicating yourself to months of training. You’re committing to shelling out nearly enough scratch to pay for a semester of a state-college education. That’s the conclusion from a ... Continue >