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Introducing Skulpt: Measure Your Muscle Quality

Influencer campaigns can be an effective way to introduce a new product, or a great way to introduce an existing product to a new market. Here’s the story of one such product that’s about a month away from making such a leap. For more than a decade, Dr. Seward Rutkove, a neurologist at Harvard Medical [...]

Influencer Marketing: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Promoting Your Brand with Influencers

Think about your absolutely favorite method of getting new customers. Got it? Good. Now what do you think is your customers’ favorite method of discovering cool new products? Fortunately, we don’t need to guess. The big survey and measurement company, Nielsen, went out and asked a bunch of consumers what type of advertising they trusted the [...]

#RunChat: How to Keep the Conversation Flowing

Since June 2010, runners David Hylton and Scott Miles have led the Twitter chat #RunChat, a conversation about a wide range of running topics.   The chat has grown from a few dozen to several hundred participants each week. In part I of my conversation with David, he explained how Scott and he got the [...]

#RunChat: How to Build a Twitter Community

In the spring of 2010, David Hylton was taking part in FitBlog, an example of an emerging feature known as Twitter chats. David, who lives near Richmond, Va., had been blogging about running and had exchanged comments with another running blogger from Boston, Scott Miles.   “We thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t this be great to do [...]

RANKED: The Apple Watch Review in 90 Seconds (Video)

This is our second in a series of videos about the influencer rated products in the Raynforest community.  We asked 61 influential athletes in sports if they plan to buy the Apple Watch. The influencers are triathletes, long distance runners, NFL and MLB players and several extreme sports professionals. I asked them if they intended [...]