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How a Few DJs and Surfers helped SOL Republic Create a Global Brand in 3 Years

Just three years after its founding in 2011 SOL Republic sells its headphones and accessories in 20,000 and 56 countries. The company, whose co-founders cut their teeth at the company that developed industry leader Beats by Dr. Dre, is a walking demonstration of how quickly a smart marketing strategy can create a global brand almost [...]

If Nature Made A Nutrition Bar – This Would Be It

We’re starting a series of videos about the highest rated products in the Raynforest community and decided to publish the GoMacro review first since they scored very high in our influencer reviews. So first off, we all love these bars. They’re healthy, nutritious and best of all – taste great. Founder Jola Sonkin explained to [...]

Which NCAA Team Gave Fans the Biggest Bang for Their Buck? (infographic)

With a few exceptions, attendance for the largest NCAA Division I men’s basketball programs is pretty stable. The schools with the highest per-game attendance for the 2013-14 season were generally the same schools who have been leading in attendance for years.   We wondered which fans got the most bang for the buck, measured by [...]

How Joe Friel Built an Empire Coaching Endurance Athletes

Perhaps this little story is all you need to know about Joe Friel: Years ago, he returned from an Australian competition with a virus in his heart. The doctor forbid any training until the virus worked its way out of his system, which turned out to be seven months. Friel considers this a lucky break. [...]

The Raynforest Top 50 Sports Marketing Game Changers

Raynforest, the world’s first sports influencer marketplace, recently set out to identify and honor the most socially influential sports marketers. These are the folks that are truly changing the game, every day, by leveraging cutting edge technologies, appealing to mass numbers of sports enthusiasts, and evangelizing athletes, coaches, fans, and every last critical element to the dynamic world of sports.