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How Joe Friel Built an Empire Coaching Endurance Athletes

Perhaps this little story is all you need to know about Joe Friel: Years ago, he returned from an Australian competition with a virus in his heart. The doctor forbid any training until the virus worked its way out of his system, which turned out to be seven months. Friel considers this a lucky break. [...]

The Raynforest Top 50 Sports Marketing Game Changers

Raynforest, the world’s first sports influencer marketplace, recently set out to identify and honor the most socially influential sports marketers. These are the folks that are truly changing the game, every day, by leveraging cutting edge technologies, appealing to mass numbers of sports enthusiasts, and evangelizing athletes, coaches, fans, and every last critical element to the dynamic world of sports.

What Cinderella Does for an Encore

In the spring of 2006, George Mason University men’s basketball team bottled lightning. In the fourth NCAA tournament appearance in the school’s history, the No. 11 seed won its first tournament game ever. Then it won another, and another, and another, becoming the second double-digit seed ever to reach the Final Four. In the process, [...]

Why Raynforest is Going to Change the Game in the Sports Marketing World

I’ve seen first hand how powerful influential people and their networks can work together to deliver breakthrough awareness for the right prospective customers and drive sustainable growth. And so we decided to codify that into a platform called Raynforest. Because we help companies make it rain by working with rainmakers who understand how to build engaged, profitable communities around a product.

The Real Cost of a Triathlon – and 7 Ways to pay for It

When you decide to run a triathlon, you’re not just dedicating yourself to months of training. You’re committing to shelling out nearly enough scratch to pay for a semester of a state-college education. That’s the conclusion from a new cost breakdown by Bloomberg that’s making the rounds among triathletes. Bloomberg concluded that by the time you’ve [...]

World Cup Sponsors: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Who begins to count, begins to err. In a world of exploding new media, the problem isn’t just how to count correctly, but what to count. A couple of examples from the sports world: Engagor,  which monitors and analyzes social media sites, reported that Korean automaker Kia lapped the field when it came to Facebook [...]